Well, I had absolutely no intention of leaving a testimonial, but due to your efficient follow-up process, I guess I feel compelled to at least tell the truth.
The stuff is gold. It has amazed me with how it controls ANY breath scent at all. I have tested it after eating the spiciest foods and even smoking cigarettes. More amazing is the fact that I’ve tested it BEFORE eating spicy foods or smoking, and it seems to coat the mouth with this minty oil that inhibits other scents from settling in. About 15 mins after a meal or a cigarette, my mouth feels minty again, believe it or not.
As for my teeth and gums, they feel microscopic clean, smooth, slick, like dirt or gunk would just slide off. It doesn’t seem to form anymore, not that I can tell, really……crazy as that sounds. I never thought I had any gum problems, ……I feel confident at all times about both my breath and the overall health of my mouth. The product is truly what it said it is. And more. Thank you. You’ve got a customer for life.

Christopher W., Toronto, Ontario

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