OraMD Ingredients

OraMD is made using only specific varieties (cultivars) of the finest and freshest 100% pure spearmint leaf and peppermint leaf oils and 100% pure sweet almond kernel oil. Oils are processed to produce 1000’s of different profiles (properties, characteristics, actions, compatibilities). We have learned over several decades which profiles produce maximum benefit for each oil and its compatibility and synergy with the other oils. We have developed a unique/customized profile with specific values of menthol, terpenes, ketones, esters, aldehydes and other components giving the best possible result. OraMD oils are insecticide, herbicide and fungicide free.

Peppermint Oil

This 100% natural botanical oil is a proven natural combatant to many types of the bacteria in your mouth. Since OraMD is an oil, it does not dry out your mouth like toothpaste and mouthwash can because it is not alcohol based. The oil seeps between the gum line and attacks your bacteria even while you sleep and provides additional support to fight dry mouth. Dry mouth causes the bacteria to multiply at an accelerated rate and must be controlled for good oral hygiene.

Spearmint Oil

We use only the most potent and powerful species of all our botanical oils and our spearmint oil is no different. Like the peppermint oil, spearmint oil fights the 22 known harmful bacteria in your mouth, but when the two are combined they make a synergistic and powerful product.

Almond Oil

By using OraMD, with its almond oil you’ll be allowing your mouth to have the bacteria control you need for your mouth to heal itself. Almond oil provides just the right base for peppermint and spearmint.

OraMD® ingredients are all manufactured in a eco-friendly manner.  We personally hand make each and every bottle to meet our quality standards.  Each bottle is filled, capped and labeled all by hand by the folks at Trusted Health Products that take pride in what they do, which is provide a high-quality, effective, oral care product that will change the way you view all-natural products.