Received OraMD just one week ago. I’m using it myself and feel comfortable with it. But that is not the reason I am writing.

My 16 year old Norwich terrier Dizzie has had bad teeth and bad breath for at least 5 years. But he’s too old to have anaesthetic apart form emergency situations so the vet can’t help. So Diz has had to put up with ……Until OraMD,

We’ve only used it for a week and already, with just a couple of tooth brushings a day, there are marked improvements. His smelly breath has disappeared and and his gums are getting lighter. I’m expecting even better results in the next weeks. I’m really happy to have discovered OraMD.

It’s safe and it works. Thank you. For the first time I feel I can helpmy hound in his twiight years.

Maggie F., London, England

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