I have been using Oramd for about a month now, and the difference in my gums is amazing. …….My gums seemed to pour with blood every time I brushed my teeth. I couldn’t afford the high cost of seeing the dentist and was terrified I was going to lose my teeth. I saw the ad for Oramd and decided to try it. I have to admit I was very skeptical. The first time I used it I hated the taste, it felt like it was burning my mouth, but I decided to persevere, I am so glad I did. Now my gums bleed much less, the bad breath I was suffering from is gone. ……After using it for a few days I grew to like the taste of it (no more burning sensations) I now use it a few times a day to freshen my mouth/breath, as well as brushing with it twice a day. Thank you Oramd for saving my teeth. I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends.

Debra I., Ellabell, GA

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