For the past year it’s been necessary to have my teeth cleaned every 3 months just to try to keep my gums from getting any worse. From my appointment in January, 2002 to the appointment in April, 2002 it had become apparent it would be very difficult to just maintain the present condition of my gums, much less improve them.I started using OraMD in July, 2002.

At my next cleaning appointment in August, 2002 the condition of my gums had indeed improved from my previous appointment in April, 2002. I didn’t have any bleeding for the first time ever. Also, the ……had even improved. I mentioned to the hygienist that I had started using OraMD and felt it was helping keep my gums in better condition.The hygienist didn’t make an official note of that in my record but we did discuss it. Dr. Leslie felt I had made progress and seemed pleased.

The only thing we discussed further was having fillings replaced. For various reasons I was forced to postpone my next cleaning visit until March 3, 2003. Even with waiting over twice as long between visits my gums were still being maintained in good condition and I had no bleeding. Considering the ……I had when I first started going to Dr. Leslie, having gums in “good” condition is a miracle in itself.

I haven’t used toothpaste but 3 or 4 times since July, 2002 and that was just when I ran out of OraMD. I can’t imagine having to go back to that because even with a sonic toothbrush the toothpaste just wasn’t providing the same results as OraMD.

Kay G., Fort Worth, TX

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