I’m 26 years old w/fairly straight teeth and no cavities. However, I hadn’t gone to the dentist in 4 years! I didn’t have health insurance from my employers unfortunately. Well, by this time, my gums were swollen and inflamed……especially on my upper front teeth ……Toothpaste was actually aggravating my gums more than helping it. I then tried baking soda–an older neighbor told me that it ‘works’–but it didn’t work for me at all.
I did an online search and came to OraMD and read that it has natural oils that coated the gums and tooth and killed bacteria in the mouth, as opposed to brushing it away. I ordered my first bottle and received it withing two days. I used it twice daily for three weeks, returned to my dentist, and she literally screamed–she was so surprised at how much my teeth and gums had improved. The swelling had gone down significantly–and she even asked me if I used any whitening strips on my teeth b/c I had such a “nice sunshine smile”–I told her “no, only the OraMD!”.
After about 2 1/2 months of use, my teeth and gums are perfect and white, and I actually look forward to brushing my teeth in the morning and at night–I can really feel the OraMD working after I use it, and it tastes nice and pepperminty.
Hope this helps!
And thanks for providing OraMD—I really love this stuff–it’s proof that nature really provides solutions– as opposed to chemicals and harsh abrasives that so many people believe are working for them.

Liz D., Shreveport, LA

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