I started using ORA MD about a month ago. A couple of drops on my toothbrush each time and a drop or two between brushings on the particularly bad gum areas. I quit using toothpaste altogether. I purposely delayed my next cleaning an extra month so I could get a test of how well, or not, the ORA MD would work for me. Well, today the hygienist and my dentist were both very happy with the condition of my gums! Believe me, that was a miracle for sure. For the first time in 2 years I had absolutely no bleeding! Previously I had a dark, purple area over a bridge that is now nice and pink. ……

There was way less scraping that had to be done (thank God, cause that hurts!). I’m guessing here, but it seemed the actual cleaning of the teeth took approximately half as long as previous visits because I had less to scrap off! I was so surprised (not to mention, relieved) when the hygienist said she was done! The hygienist even agreed to a little longer time between cleanings. That never happened before and wouldn’t have happened today if there had been the slightest problem. The fact that today it has been 4 months since my last cleaning instead of 3 was even more proof that something was going right in my mouth for a change!

So, I’m looking forward to continuing with ORA MD and at my next scheduled cleaning I expect even better results. I admit I was skeptical that anything could improve the condition of my gums, ……but ORA MD has changed my mind and I’m so very thankful for that.

Thanks for a great product! I’ll keep you posted on its continued success for me.

Kay G., Fort Worth, TX

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