Just wanted to say my brother started to use ORAMD the same day he received it. He has gum disease and his gums are receding. Well, for the past two
weeks that he has been using it, his gums appear pink, not red anymore, his breath smells better, his gums are not bleeding when he brushes, but his gums hurt. He uses a soft brush an using only ORAMD, should he floss? His gums hurt and is afraid to floss. But there is an improvement with the
color of his gums.
I was curious about the product, so I am using too. I get canker sores often, and let me tell you, I put a few drops on my canker sore and it didn’t hurt or bother me. I also notice that when I brush now, my gums don’t bleed and my breath smells good.
We have been using the product for about two weeks now and already want to order more. I will be ordering soon. The product is great. At first, it didn’t taste all that great. It felt so strange not using tooth paste or listerine, but two days into using ORAMD, I love the taste, the clean
feeling, and great breath. We haven’t used toothpaste for two weeks and our gums are more healthy than ever.

Miriam T., Treister, PA

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