I’ve now been using Oramd for, heck I can’t remember how long, but I’ve been to the dentist twice since I started. Both times my dentist has told me how wonderful my teeth and gums look. This is quite a pleasant thing for me to hear because, I have always had reasonably healthy teeth and gums, but, I have a few fillings and have experienced sore bleeding gums at times. Since starting to use oramd, I have had no problems and my mouth feels healthy and fresh. I’m one of those people that my boss jokingly calls a dirty smoker, and I’ve found that my mouth is a lot less furry and my breath is definitely not that of a normal smoker. In a nutshell I’m most impressed and I will keep using Oramd for as long as I can afford to have it sent to me from way over there in America. Looking at the ingredients I can’t quite understand how or why it works so well…all I can say is that from my experience it does work and it does so incredibly well. Thank you!

Kind Regards
Judith M., New Zealand

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