Dear Trusted Health Products,

I just want to tell you how much we appreciate your product, Ora MD! What a wonderful product. Our teeth have never felt better, EVER! And our daughter who was having a really terrible time with tooth decay has been problem free since she began using it last year. Even the hygienist asked for the info about it when she saw the difference it made. Up to that point I was told that it was just a fact of life that our 5 year old had an abundance of germs, and that the only remedy was LOTS and LOTS of flouride!!! This scared me to death and I am so very glad I searched the internet for some alternative and found YOU! THANK-YOU for selling ORA-MD! I wish other people would believe me when I tell them about it, but they seem to trust in flouride without question. I came up with a great slogan for your product this morning:
ORA-MD – Kills the Germs – That Causes the Plaque – That Hardens to Tartar – That Ruins the Teeth. – – – No Tartar, No Plaque, No Germs, NO PROBLEM!
Let me know if you could use my slogan. More people should know.

Linda H., Seattle, WA

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