Just a quick note to tell you how much I love your product! It had been awhile since I had been to the dentist and I noticed my gums were becoming inflamed and swollen! I have had an ongoing problem with my gums because I have trouble flossing and caring for them as I should becomes of a disability I have which limits my mobility. I ordered your product and the first time I used it tasted bad! But then I read where that was to be expected and a sign of bacteria in the mouth. Now after 3 weeks the swelling has gone down, and I love the taste… I’m hooked and about to order more! I actually had my bottle misplaced for a day by some contractors working on my bathroom, and I was like a crazy man looking for my bottle of ORA md! I use it everday and will continue to do so. It’s great and leaves my mouth feeling so clean and refreshed!
Thank You
Edmond R., Sacramento, CA

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