Braces Pain Facts For First Time Users

Having braces done for your teeth is somewhat painful because the teeth are not used to having brackets and wires attached to them. Braces pain first day is normal and the pain would just go away once you get used to wearing braces. The brackets and wires are responsible for aligning the teeth. Every two to four weeks, you need to visit your orthodontist for your regular check-up and tightening. During these visits, your orthodontist will put more pressure and force on your teeth so it gradually moves the teeth.
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This process is painful but the pain you may feel should not be solely blamed on this process. There are other braces pain causes that you should be aware of so you’ll be prepared to address the problem once it happens. One of the most common cause for pain with braces are mouth sores and ulcers. This is because the inner part of your mouth rubs the metal part of the braces causing sores. The mouth is made out of soft tissue making it very vulnerable to mouth sores. Just remember to drink plenty of water and do not forget to take Vitamin C for protection and better immune system. Use dental wax if ever you have braces and always brush your teeth.

Braces pain relief comes within a few weeks. Getting used to wearing braces would eventually relieve you from pain. Tooth pain is also a culprit when wearing braces which adds to the agony. Pain is felt because of the adjustments made. Teeth are also bones that significantly needs a certain amount of force to be moved in a way that your teeth would be aligned. Moving them would be painful but doctors would recommend medicine for pain relief.

Orthodontics pain is experienced by patients after appliance placement (braces) which is often described as feeling of pressure, tension, soreness of the teeth. This is really normal for first time users of braces. Braces are there to align teeth so you must endure the pain and soreness that you will be feeling in the time being that you are wearing braces. Braces for adults are also made to fix crooked teeth, just like for children or young adults, adult braces are adjusted regularly to fix their teeth and pain is also present with adults.

Have you ever heard of ceramic braces? They are the same size and shape just like a metal brace, the difference is that they have tooth-colored or clear brackets that blend in with your teeth and they are a little more expensive than a metal one. The pain is lesser with ceramic braces but takes a while longer to fix your teeth with ceramic braces than metal braces.

Now that you know some facts about braces and braces pain, the things that you will feel inside your mouth after the braces are put on will be just normal. Remember that braces are made to align your teeth and make your smile prettier. If your teeth are not aligned, visit your dentist or Orthodontist to have it checked and they will be able to help you straighten your teeth.


What Do We Know About Sjorgen’s Syndrome And Dry Mouth?

There is a syndrome that if you read the name could be a little bit difficult to pronounce, this is Sjogren’s syndrome. This is an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system attacks healthy cells of the body. Dry eyes and dry mouth are the effects of this syndrome, white blood cells attacks mistakenly the moisture secreting glands in the eyes and mouth.
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Dry mouth causes is linked to Sjorgen’s Syndrome that may cause a number of dysfunctions with the organs of the body such as the kidneys, blood vessels, lungs, liver, central nervous system, pancreas and more. If you have dry mouth it may be the beginning for symptoms of Sjorgen’s syndrome and could be a big factor for gum infections and bacteria inside the mouth.

Several health conditions could come up if you have a persistent dry mouth such as bad breath, bleeding gums, canker sores, mouth sores, periodontal disease, gum infections and gum disease etc. The cause of Sjorgen’s syndrome is still not clear, however, some studies say that it is hereditary. As for now, there is no cure yet and the Sjorgen syndrome treatment focuses on relieving the symptoms.

Dry mouth as a symptom could be relieved by maintaining good oral hygiene that is a very important practice for our healthy life. There are prescribed medications by doctors that will increase saliva flow in your mouth because saliva flow inside the mouth is needed to fight bacteria and therefore decrease the risk of infections.

Sjorgen syndrome symptoms and Signs and symptoms of  could often be prolonged fatigue, dry cough that is very persistent, skin rashes, dry skin, joint pains, swelling and stiffness. These symptoms could be diagnosed and pointed to another health condition, therefore you must visit and ask a professional or a doctor whether what condition you are into. Being sure of our health is a primary goal leading to a happy life.

If you are experiencing persistent dry mouth you must immediately visit your oral hygienist for examination. Brush your teeth after eating sugar rich food, also floss your teeth as often as possible. The doctor could also prescribe medications that could stimulate the salivary glands to produce more saliva. However, there are things that you should not do when you have dry mouth. You should not use mouthwashes that contain alcohol to rinse because it can worsen dry mouth. If you can, avoid toothpaste that contain fluoride and avoid sugar during and between meals.

These are just some of the things to do and should not do when dealing with dry mouth, you must also make actions of your own when you are feeling something unusual inside your mouth, do not lax on signs and symptoms so that you can prevent disease and infections. Visit your dentist at least twice a year which is recommended by oral health professionals and be aware of the conditions that might cause more serious problems. Proper hygiene for your body should always be practiced, surely you don’t want to spend a fortune when you get sick because of poor hygiene. Live healthy, stay healthy.


Gum Disease And Women, Pregnancy And Osteoporosis

Research said that women are more likely to take care of their teeth more than men do, and with this fact research also said that men have stronger teeth, funny is it not? Well, it is believed that the different stages of a woman’s life like puberty, pregnancy and menopause affects their teeth and gums. The said stages adversely affects the gum tissues inside the mouth-causing gum disease, gum cancer, stroke and diabetes. Gum disease has been connected to the conditions that generally hits women that includes complication in pregnancy and osteoporosis.
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Here are some facts that research have found true for women and might be helpful in the future. Making women knowledgeable to what connects gum disease and osteoporosis, gum disease a pregnancy as well.


The initial stages of bone loss may be seen inside a woman’s mouth, teeth and gums. Often, the oral hygienist would be the first one to discover gum disease early stages and that there is a risk of osteoporosis with routine x-rays and tests. They would be suggesting that you might as well see an appropriate health provider for osteoporosis because as years pass by, the condition might get worse. You would not want to have osteoporosis because it is a very serious condition inside your body that affects your bones. If Osteoporosis strikes a woman, it would be hard for her to move normally because the condition.


Researchers today believe that disease causing organisms like bacteria in a pregnant woman’s mouth may end up in the amniotic fluid or placenta contributing to premature birth. Sadly, treating gum disease during pregnancy may already be too late, because the bacteria is already in the bloodstream and thus spread throughout the body. That’s why experts say it is very important to treat any gum disease before getting pregnant.


Women who are diagnosed with gum disease should not worry or panic with the condition that you have, gum disease treatment, thanks to science, is now patient friendly. There are methods that an oral hygienist perform without the pain like traditional procedures and treatments. You may want to visit your dentist regularly just to be sure that you do not have gum disease present in your mouth.

It is in fact really hard to be a woman, knowing that you have to go through stages in life that affects the body even if you keep a healthy everyday life. Going through pregnancy also has risks because of mouth problems. The good thing is, women today are being informed of what to expect in terms of their health, gum disease cure, their body, what they are prone to, pregnancy issues and a lot more.

Women are advised to regularly have their health checked by medical professionals for them to be safe and prevent problems in the future because of them being a woman. Women are more fragile than men, generally speaking. Follow health tips, eat healthy and unwanted sickness surely will not get near you. Visit your oral hygienist regularly for a clean mouth and for zero gum disease.


4th of July Food Craze Beware!

4th of July is a day worth spending with the whole family, it is a time when we celebrate Independence day. Independence day is yearly celebrated by Americans every July 4, it was 1776 that the 13 colonies claimed their independence from England which was an event that eventually led the formation of the United States. This is a day of fun and celebration that the American family enjoys. But there are some things like food that we need to look out for.
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As we celebrate Independence day it comes to a point that we tend to over-eat, consume a lot of different food that is available on the table and we forget that some of these foods are a little bit dangerous to our health. As we eat with our friends and families we for oversee the dangers of the food we eat. It’s just a precaution for some people that has conditions to keep away from the foods that could harm them. People with mouth sores could be affected by jello shots and strawberries, citrus food that could add pain to mouth sores. Sangria too could worsen mouth sores. If it can’t be avoided just make it minimal on consuming food that could make sores more painful.

For denture wearers it is advised to move away from rice krispie treats because they are known to make your time eating a hard one. Pain might strike you at a bite and it sure will make you frown on the 4th of July. Canker sores are most likely the culprit when you eat food and feel some pain in your mouth. You might see some sores with white color in your mouth, once food that has acidic properties touch these sores, pain would eventually be felt. So be prepared for eating too much on the 4th of July because it might cause you some trouble with your mouth.

Eating too much and not properly cleaning your mouth would sometimes cause gum boils. Food particles, bacteria or plaque can get trapped underneath the surface of your gums, The bacteria that is trapped could put your mouth at risk of getting an infection in the root canal and the surrounding tissues of the mouth. So make sure that after eating you should clean your mouth, brush your teeth and gargle with mouthwashes that will effectively remove bacteria inside your mouth.

Bad breath could also be one of the most disgusting conditions that a person would have. Bacteria is always present when you have bad breath and we exactly know what bacteria could do to our oral health, it not only causes bad breath but it also destroys the teeth and gums. How could you eat on the 4th of July if you have no teeth, you have mouth sores or canker sores.

Dentists and oral hygienists always tell their patients on the proper procedure with oral health. Everybody should always follow what the professionals say. They are here to help you live a better life and of course a healthy mouth.

Receding Gum Line, Simple Treatments and Tips

What are the signs of receding gums?

When your teeth looks like they are too long, this could be a sign of receding gums. Another is that the roots of your teeth are becoming visible and spaces between your teeth become noticeable, food getting stuck between your teeth might be also a sign that your gums are receding. Teeth being sensitive could also be a suspect for receding gums. Know the early signs so that you can prevent receding gums.

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Receding Gum Line

What can you do to treat receding gums?

Basically, if receding gums are already in a stage that you can no longer prevent it, gum graft would be the answer. Some people spend lots of money on products that actually do more harm than to cure. Because the products that they use somehow contain harsh chemicals that would irritate your receding gum line. There are some safe alternative ways to treat receding gums, find one that would suit you and not spend too much  that really works for you and the whole family.

What kind of remedy should you look for to target the root cause?

Gum disease is usually the culprit for receding gums, and the remedy for gum disease is…good oral hygiene. Bacteria inside the mouth would not have a chance to spread and take over your mouth if you just practice good oral hygiene everyday. Brush your teeth twice a day, floss your teeth afterwards and stop bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. If it comes to a point that you already have receding gums and do not really know what to do, it’s better that you consult your dentist or oral hygienist for them to take a closer look at your condition. They will be able to give you options on what to do to treat your receding gums.

Remember that receding gums if not treated will get worse and the news is, bacteria will accumulate and will destroy your gum tissue, worse case scenario is you’ll lose your teeth and have bad breath. Some treatments and items used to treat receding gums could be done at home like the use of Aloe Vera that is said to heal periodontal disease. Green tea that is regularly consumed has great benefits in maintaining healthy gums and another is Eucalyptus, which has powerful antiseptic properties that destroys mouth bacteria.

You can try the home remedies available and find out for yourself if they actually work. Do not also forget that your oral health provider has more to offer for your receding gums, they have the skills and knowledge to fix your problem with your receding gums. Receding gums have simple remedies that most people overlook, taking for granted the signs and symptoms of receding gums. Do not let bacteria destroy your precious smile, your shiny white teeth and healthy mouth.

As the dentist say, and will always advise:

– Practice good oral hygiene

– Floss everyday

– Brush your teeth with a good toothbrush

– Use mouthwashes that can flush away bacteria


What Causes Lower Jaw Pain?

Lower jaw pain can be a little bit distressing symptom and may lead to difficulty conversing, eating and swallowing. There are a number of potential causes for pain in the jaw, and it is important for individuals to see a medical professional or dentist in order to get an accurate diagnosis. Some possible reasons may include bone or joint injuries or diseases. In some cases, heart problems, including a heart attack, can lead to jaw pain. Treatment depends on the direct cause of the pain, making an early diagnosis highly important.

Causes Lower Jaw Pain

Lower jaw pain can be caused by different things, but a common problem like this is because of dentures. Adults that have teeth removed and replaced with new dentures can experience denture pain. When you have your teeth, the pressure of chewing is administered on teeth and through them to the hard jaw bone. When teeth are lost and replaced by a denture, the chewing pressure is administered to the dentures. But this time between the denture and the jaw bone there is the soft gingival tissue. If you bite hard food, the pressure can be too much for the soft gums causing a sharp pain. This type of denture pain is normally temporary, but if the pressure points are constantly irritated, the gums may become ulcerated causing more pain.

Poorly fitted dentures can also be a cause of jaw pain, and if that is so, you might need to go back to your dentist to adjust the dentures that have been given to you. Many people often complain with the pain that they feel, but there are professionals that could easily help you with your problem, the doctor, the dentist and others.

Dental issues may sometimes lead to pain in the jaw as well, and these problems can typically be diagnosed during a routine dental exam. Some of these potential dental problems include untreated cavities or wisdom tooth that have been removed. Actually, any kind of dental surgery has the potential of leading to mouth and jaw pain. The original dental condition should be treated in order to relieve the discomfort. If ever you feel lower jaw pain and swelling there might be simple to worse problems you may have. The problems that can occur within the jawbone itself include cancer, infection, fracture and necrosis, or bone death. Fractures from blunt trauma to the mandible cause pain and swelling. Osteonecrosis of the jaw occurs in some people taking bisphosphonates, these are drugs used to treat osteoporosis or low bone density. Necrosis develops more frequently in people taking the drugs intravenously to treat cancer, but cases have occurred in people taking the drugs orally as well. Symptoms include tooth loss over the area of the dead bone and painful non-healing exposed area of bone.

Doctors and experts have been studying the cause, symptoms and treatments for these problems and they have all the knowledge that needs to help you through whatever problem you may have inside your mouth. Do not hesitate to visit a doctor or a dentist for you to know what exactly is going on with your body. These are tips for healthy living and everybody wants to have a long life without sickness or illness.


Does Miley Cyrus Have Oral Thrush? Or Is It Something More Serious?

Miley-CyrusMiley Cyrus loves to stick her tongue out even on a huge audience, showing off her tongue skills to the public. She has been in the music industry for sometime now and continues to impress fans of her talents. But the way she sticks out her tongue makes people see the color that her tongue has, white. Why would she have white tongue? Not only Miley has white tongue, many others do have the same tongue color like Miley does. There are possible answers to these questions. It could be the food that we eat or could be that there are certain conditions in our mouth that we do not know. Not all people have white tongue, those are the people that has good oral hygiene.

We’re not saying that Miley does not have good oral hygiene, maybe it’s just the food that she ate that made her tongue white, we surely don’t know and would not accuse anybody of bad oral hygiene. But there maybe an explanation why people have white tongue, one these reasons may be Oral thrush or oral candidiasis, this is a yeast infection of the mouth that is caused by uncontrolled growth of organism called “Candida albicans”. This organism that multiplies uncontrollably causes pain and inflammation, and of course white tongue. Candidiasis is not limited to the mouth and, if it is left untreated can spread to other parts of the body like the throat, vagina and skin. Although rare, oral thrush can spread to other organs of the body, but this is usually limited to immunocompromised individuals.

Steroids may be the cause and some cancer medications weaken the immune system which can also allow yeast to flourish. Oral thrush most often develops in people with diseases that weaken the immune system, such as cancer and the virus we call AIDS. It can also develop in people with diabetes or in people who have long-term irritation resulting from dentures. Some medications can also change the environment in the mouth, causing the yeast to grow out of control. A common cause is inhaled corticosteroids, these are medications used by people with asthma or chronic lung conditions.

There are a number of oral thrush symptoms, and it could be having White tongue and when rubbed may bleed, another is having cracks at the corners of the mouth and if you See redness or sores inside the mouth could be a symptom of oral thrush. Healthy adults generally do not get oral thrush without having some risk factors. Patients with weakened immune systems are most likely to have it. Candida infections of the mouth and throat must be treated with prescription antifungal medication. The type and duration of treatment depends on the severity of the infection and patient-specific factors such as age and immune status.

We must always keep ourselves healthy to keep us away from infections and diseases, eat the right kind of foods, stay away from bad habits like smoking and drinking and lastly practice good oral hygiene everyday.


Listeria On Frozen Veggies Recalled In Fear Of A Wide Breakout

There has been a recall on frozen vegetables that could cause a life-threatening illness. Around 42 brand names of frozen veggies has been linked to Listeria outbreak. But what do we know about Listeria? What illness does Listeria bring? Listeria is a kind of bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Listeriosis is the term for a disease that is caused by a gram-positive bacterium called Listeria that can penetrate the human body and human cells.
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Listeria differs from other bacteria that cause food poisoning in a way that it can survive and continue to grow even when inside the refrigerator. Foods that are  contaminated with listeria look, smell, and taste normal. Actually, Listeria can be killed by proper cooking methods and proper food handling. Listeriosis is caused by an infection with the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes. The bacterium is found in various places in the environment such as in animal feeds, animal and human stool, plants, and soil. Listeria infection occurs by eating food contaminated by the bacteria. Contamination can happen at any point in the farming, distribution, and food preparation process. These are facts that we should be aware of.

Listeriosis is diagnosed based on a medical history and physical exam. Your doctor will ask you questions about your symptoms, foods you have recently eaten, and your work and home environments. Some tests like blood test or spinal fluid test may be done to confirm the diagnosis. A healthy person who is not pregnant typically does not need treatment. Symptoms will usually go away within a few weeks. If you are pregnant and get listeriosis, antibiotics can often prevent infection of the fetus or newborn. Babies who have listeriosis receive the same antibiotics as adults, a combination of antibiotics is often used until your doctor is certain the cause is listeriosis. Red gums could be a symptom of Listeria, should you notice something in your mouth, try to have it checked just to make sure. Your doctor could give the best advise when you see or feel something different in your body.

The FDA released the results of its investigation into the latest outbreak of Listeria, an infection that hits victims with fever, muscle ache, and diarrhea. The very first case from this particular outbreak actually happened in 2013. It was only in April of this year, that the outbreak was finally traced to frozen vegetables, triggering the recall. The outbreak was traced back to Springfield, Ohio specifically from packaged salads produced at a Dole processing facility. Listeria is a serious illness, one that can even take a life. One person reportedly died due to the outbreak and one victim was reportedly pregnant. Cases of Listeria have been reported in Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Michigan where the fatality was reported.

The recall has targeted frozen fruits and vegetables, including broccoli, carrots, green beans, peppers, potatoes, spinach, blueberries, cherries, peaches, raspberries, strawberries, and much more, as contaminated from more than 40-plus different brands,  However, no source for the contamination has yet been identified, there is a clue as to where we might look for one.