Poor Oral Health Is Certainly Connected With Loneliness

Research from the UCL Eastman has have found a possible connection between loneliness and poor oral health, thinking about it, might be possible. Science tells that if you feel a bad condition with the body it makes you feel sad and lonely because of condition you may have. Patients in hospital often feel down due to the fact that they have an illness or sickness that really bothers them too much. Researchers have analysed data from over 4,500 adults aged 50 and above that the risk of loneliness is higher amongst adults with poor oral health condition.

A researcher said that it is well known that oral disease and tooth loss have a significant negative impact on the quality of life with older adults. Adults are vulnerable and should be taken care of in terms of good oral health, they should preserve a good oral health habit to maintain their confidence in daily life such as eating, conversations and smiling. With poor oral health they can acquire periodontal disease or gum disease that would lead to loneliness.


Periodontal disease causes can be by plaque buildup. The bacteria that forms plaque thrive off of the same things that you do as they thrive on sugar. The waste that this bacteria excrete can get caught in the film that surrounds your teeth. Your teeth essentially become a toilet for these bacteria as their waste is toxic and harms the enamel and soft tissue in the mouth. One of the first signs of periodontal disease is bleeding gums as the body creates lots of little blood vessels in the affected areas to try and defend against the disease.

Periodontal disease symptoms differ, some of the signs that it’s time to visit a periodontist is gum inflammation. Most patients notice their gums have swollen, some will experience reddening of the area with some pain. In the majority of cases the swelling is localized around the tooth, eventually causing it to pull away from the tooth to form what is known as a pocket. Pockets are a breeding place for bacteria.

Another sign of Periodontal disease is bad breath and canker sores, if you have noticed that you have a foul odor coming out of your mouth or if you feel pain when you are eating because of canker sores, you may want to visit your oral hygienist immediately. Periodontitis is much more serious form of disease of the gums. Periodontitis not only affects the gums, similar to gingivitis, but also causes adverse changes in the bone that supports our teeth. Periodontitis is classified by the severity of the disease, mild, moderate, advanced. This type of gum disease is caused by a multitude of different factors including bacteria, genes, the immune system and systemic disease.

Gum disease usually advances slowly and often asymptomatically, often taking several years before the patient is aware of any changes. Periodontal disease causes bone loss, reducing the support for the teeth. As the bone is lost, it produces a space between the tooth and gum called a periodontal pocket.

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