Does Miley Cyrus Have Oral Thrush? Or Is It Something More Serious?

Miley-CyrusMiley Cyrus loves to stick her tongue out even on a huge audience, showing off her tongue skills to the public. She has been in the music industry for sometime now and continues to impress fans of her talents. But the way she sticks out her tongue makes people see the color that her tongue has, white. Why would she have white tongue? Not only Miley has white tongue, many others do have the same tongue color like Miley does. There are possible answers to these questions. It could be the food that we eat or could be that there are certain conditions in our mouth that we do not know. Not all people have white tongue, those are the people that has good oral hygiene.

We’re not saying that Miley does not have good oral hygiene, maybe it’s just the food that she ate that made her tongue white, we surely don’t know and would not accuse anybody of bad oral hygiene. But there maybe an explanation why people have white tongue, one these reasons may be Oral thrush or oral candidiasis, this is a yeast infection of the mouth that is caused by uncontrolled growth of organism called “Candida albicans”. This organism that multiplies uncontrollably causes pain and inflammation, and of course white tongue. Candidiasis is not limited to the mouth and, if it is left untreated can spread to other parts of the body like the throat, vagina and skin. Although rare, oral thrush can spread to other organs of the body, but this is usually limited to immunocompromised individuals.

Steroids may be the cause and some cancer medications weaken the immune system which can also allow yeast to flourish. Oral thrush most often develops in people with diseases that weaken the immune system, such as cancer and the virus we call AIDS. It can also develop in people with diabetes or in people who have long-term irritation resulting from dentures. Some medications can also change the environment in the mouth, causing the yeast to grow out of control. A common cause is inhaled corticosteroids, these are medications used by people with asthma or chronic lung conditions.

There are a number of oral thrush symptoms, and it could be having White tongue and when rubbed may bleed, another is having cracks at the corners of the mouth and if you See redness or sores inside the mouth could be a symptom of oral thrush. Healthy adults generally do not get oral thrush without having some risk factors. Patients with weakened immune systems are most likely to have it. Candida infections of the mouth and throat must be treated with prescription antifungal medication. The type and duration of treatment depends on the severity of the infection and patient-specific factors such as age and immune status.

We must always keep ourselves healthy to keep us away from infections and diseases, eat the right kind of foods, stay away from bad habits like smoking and drinking and lastly practice good oral hygiene everyday.


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