Know The Dreaded Halitosis

Many people notice that a foul odor comes out from their mouth and an explanation would be Halitosis. Halitosis is a term for bad breath and a very embarrassing condition. Some people who has bad breath are not aware that they have a problem and the people around them are just too shy to tell them about what they can smell. Maybe if the person who has Halitosis can only see the reaction of the person they are talking to, they might know that they have bad breath. You might want to check if you have bad breath just by licking your hand and let it dry for a minute, smell the area and then you will know if you have bad breath or none.
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In order to fight bad breath, you may want to know Halitosis causes first. Bad breath is caused by the accumulation of bacteria inside the mouth and there are hundreds of types of bacteria inside the mouth that could overpopulate if the food debris was not removed by proper oral hygiene. Gum problems and tooth decay could also be the cause of bad breath. There are two types of bad breath namely transient and chronic bad breath. Transient bad breath is caused by poor mouth hygiene, oral dryness or by eating certain foods like onion and garlic. Transient bad breath usually disappears on its own or by improved oral hygiene. Chronic bad breath is more serious and caused by continuous accumulation of bacteria and needs special treatment. It is important to know how to fight bad breath even before it becomes chronic.

Causes of Halitosis could be from smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, mouth infections, gum disease. Halitosis in children are caused by failing to brush and clean their teeth and another one is because of breathing through the mouth instead of the nose. Parents and adults should be aware of our children’s oral hygiene, children should be taught at an early age to brush their teeth at least twice a day. As for breathing from the mouth instead of the nose, they should also be taught how to breathe properly, breathing through the mouth would cause dry mouth and dry mouth would eventually cause bad breath. Young children are not that capable of telling any problem until they feel pain.

Parents should learn to prevent any problem before they become worse. The reality on symptoms of Halitosis is that people who have it may not be aware and some people would only know if another person would talk to you and say that you have bad breath, awkward right? You may want to start practicing good oral hygiene before somebody tells you that you have halitosis.

Halitosis treatment could be done once you know the exact cause of the condition. If you are into bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol, you might want to stop those bad habits. Good oral hygiene would eventually take away bad breath. If bad breath persists after having done good oral hygiene and breaking bad habits, you might want to see a hygienist for a better look at what could cause your Halitosis. Some causes could be medically connected and the doctor could be the one that can help you out.

Being orally healthy should be a priority for us, starting from an early age we are already taught how to take care of our mouth and teeth. As we grow old we should carry the good oral hygiene practice as we age and pass it to our children and to our grandchildren and so on and so forth.

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