Gum Recession Facts And Advice

Receding-Gum-LineAll dentists recommend immediate attention to any gum and teeth problems and in case of malformation of the teeth or gum disease treatment to be taken from a specialist for Periodontics in your area. Many people do not consider the need of a periodontal treatment of the teeth. They only seek help when the gums show a sign of disease or they are suffering from bleeding gums or extreme toothaches. It is very essential to be in close touch with both the dentist and the periodontal expert in the field. This will ensure that your teeth are in perfect condition and nothing can really affect them, not even strong medicines that are known in the trade to have a detrimental influence on the teeth and gums.
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One example for the causes of gum recession is bacteria. Just as bacteria in the mouth can cause cavities and gum infections, gum recession can also be bacterial related. When bacterial plaque is left behind on our tooth and below the gumline, certain types of bacteria can cause inflammation and infection thus causing the gums to almost want to withdraw from the bacterial trauma, thus they recede. Grinding and clenching the teeth can also cause gum recession. Once again it comes back to trauma. The excess forces that the teeth and jaw endure due to grinding and clenching can cause the gums to pull away from the natural gum line and move down and away. When someone is grinding or clenching typically a “nightguard” worn while you sleep will help prevent tooth to tooth grinding or clenching so it may help alleviate jaw strain and ultimately may prevent new recession from occurring.

There are receding gums treatment that could be done but before the treatment we must know what makes the gums recede. Knowing the root cause would enable you to determine how to cure receding gums. The treatment for gum disease must be done immediately to prevent further damage to the gums. Periodontal gum disease have signs that you should take note of. Bleeding gums, loose teeth, toothaches, sore or swollen gums and receding gum line. If you notice one of the danger signs, you must have it checked as soon as possible with an oral hygienist to make proper diagnosis and cure.

Treatment at the dental clinic or hospital must be maintained with appropriate oral hygiene levels at home. If not, the plaque and calculus will build up again and the disease will continue to progress. As treatment doesn’t perform as well for people who smoke, it’s crucial to try to cut down or break the habit. Preventing gum disease from developing is obviously ideal. The problem with gum disease is the fact that when it is left to spread, the damage it causes is irreparable. Damaged gum and bone cannot grow back again once it has started to erode away. Treatment is then aimed only at lessening the pace of the disease, or stopping it from spreading.

Now you can answer if receding gums can be reversed. It is a symptom for periodontal disease that should be taken care of immediately, once the disease spreads and destroys the tissues and bones, certainly it can not be reversed, prevention is better than cure. We need to take care of our teeth and mouth as early as possible because the consequences of having periodontal disease is horrifying.

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