Gum Disease And Women, Pregnancy And Osteoporosis

Research said that women are more likely to take care of their teeth more than men do, and with this fact research also said that men have stronger teeth, funny is it not? Well, it is believed that the different stages of a woman’s life like puberty, pregnancy and menopause affects their teeth and gums. The said stages adversely affects the gum tissues inside the mouth-causing gum disease, gum cancer, stroke and diabetes. Gum disease has been connected to the conditions that generally hits women that includes complication in pregnancy and osteoporosis.
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Here are some facts that research have found true for women and might be helpful in the future. Making women knowledgeable to what connects gum disease and osteoporosis, gum disease a pregnancy as well.


The initial stages of bone loss may be seen inside a woman’s mouth, teeth and gums. Often, the oral hygienist would be the first one to discover gum disease early stages and that there is a risk of osteoporosis with routine x-rays and tests. They would be suggesting that you might as well see an appropriate health provider for osteoporosis because as years pass by, the condition might get worse. You would not want to have osteoporosis because it is a very serious condition inside your body that affects your bones. If Osteoporosis strikes a woman, it would be hard for her to move normally because the condition.


Researchers today believe that disease causing organisms like bacteria in a pregnant woman’s mouth may end up in the amniotic fluid or placenta contributing to premature birth. Sadly, treating gum disease during pregnancy may already be too late, because the bacteria is already in the bloodstream and thus spread throughout the body. That’s why experts say it is very important to treat any gum disease before getting pregnant.


Women who are diagnosed with gum disease should not worry or panic with the condition that you have, gum disease treatment, thanks to science, is now patient friendly. There are methods that an oral hygienist perform without the pain like traditional procedures and treatments. You may want to visit your dentist regularly just to be sure that you do not have gum disease present in your mouth.

It is in fact really hard to be a woman, knowing that you have to go through stages in life that affects the body even if you keep a healthy everyday life. Going through pregnancy also has risks because of mouth problems. The good thing is, women today are being informed of what to expect in terms of their health, gum disease cure, their body, what they are prone to, pregnancy issues and a lot more.

Women are advised to regularly have their health checked by medical professionals for them to be safe and prevent problems in the future because of them being a woman. Women are more fragile than men, generally speaking. Follow health tips, eat healthy and unwanted sickness surely will not get near you. Visit your oral hygienist regularly for a clean mouth and for zero gum disease.


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