What Causes Lower Jaw Pain?

Lower jaw pain can be a little bit distressing symptom and may lead to difficulty conversing, eating and swallowing. There are a number of potential causes for pain in the jaw, and it is important for individuals to see a medical professional or dentist in order to get an accurate diagnosis. Some possible reasons may include bone or joint injuries or diseases. In some cases, heart problems, including a heart attack, can lead to jaw pain. Treatment depends on the direct cause of the pain, making an early diagnosis highly important.

Causes Lower Jaw Pain

Lower jaw pain can be caused by different things, but a common problem like this is because of dentures. Adults that have teeth removed and replaced with new dentures can experience denture pain. When you have your teeth, the pressure of chewing is administered on teeth and through them to the hard jaw bone. When teeth are lost and replaced by a denture, the chewing pressure is administered to the dentures. But this time between the denture and the jaw bone there is the soft gingival tissue. If you bite hard food, the pressure can be too much for the soft gums causing a sharp pain. This type of denture pain is normally temporary, but if the pressure points are constantly irritated, the gums may become ulcerated causing more pain.

Poorly fitted dentures can also be a cause of jaw pain, and if that is so, you might need to go back to your dentist to adjust the dentures that have been given to you. Many people often complain with the pain that they feel, but there are professionals that could easily help you with your problem, the doctor, the dentist and others.

Dental issues may sometimes lead to pain in the jaw as well, and these problems can typically be diagnosed during a routine dental exam. Some of these potential dental problems include untreated cavities or wisdom tooth that have been removed. Actually, any kind of dental surgery has the potential of leading to mouth and jaw pain. The original dental condition should be treated in order to relieve the discomfort. If ever you feel lower jaw pain and swelling there might be simple to worse problems you may have. The problems that can occur within the jawbone itself include cancer, infection, fracture and necrosis, or bone death. Fractures from blunt trauma to the mandible cause pain and swelling. Osteonecrosis of the jaw occurs in some people taking bisphosphonates, these are drugs used to treat osteoporosis or low bone density. Necrosis develops more frequently in people taking the drugs intravenously to treat cancer, but cases have occurred in people taking the drugs orally as well. Symptoms include tooth loss over the area of the dead bone and painful non-healing exposed area of bone.

Doctors and experts have been studying the cause, symptoms and treatments for these problems and they have all the knowledge that needs to help you through whatever problem you may have inside your mouth. Do not hesitate to visit a doctor or a dentist for you to know what exactly is going on with your body. These are tips for healthy living and everybody wants to have a long life without sickness or illness.


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