Braces Pain Facts For First Time Users

Having braces done for your teeth is somewhat painful because the teeth are not used to having brackets and wires attached to them. Braces pain first day is normal and the pain would just go away once you get used to wearing braces. The brackets and wires are responsible for aligning the teeth. Every two to four weeks, you need to visit your orthodontist for your regular check-up and tightening. During these visits, your orthodontist will put more pressure and force on your teeth so it gradually moves the teeth.
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This process is painful but the pain you may feel should not be solely blamed on this process. There are other braces pain causes that you should be aware of so you’ll be prepared to address the problem once it happens. One of the most common cause for pain with braces are mouth sores and ulcers. This is because the inner part of your mouth rubs the metal part of the braces causing sores. The mouth is made out of soft tissue making it very vulnerable to mouth sores. Just remember to drink plenty of water and do not forget to take Vitamin C for protection and better immune system. Use dental wax if ever you have braces and always brush your teeth.

Braces pain relief comes within a few weeks. Getting used to wearing braces would eventually relieve you from pain. Tooth pain is also a culprit when wearing braces which adds to the agony. Pain is felt because of the adjustments made. Teeth are also bones that significantly needs a certain amount of force to be moved in a way that your teeth would be aligned. Moving them would be painful but doctors would recommend medicine for pain relief.

Orthodontics pain is experienced by patients after appliance placement (braces) which is often described as feeling of pressure, tension, soreness of the teeth. This is really normal for first time users of braces. Braces are there to align teeth so you must endure the pain and soreness that you will be feeling in the time being that you are wearing braces. Braces for adults are also made to fix crooked teeth, just like for children or young adults, adult braces are adjusted regularly to fix their teeth and pain is also present with adults.

Have you ever heard of ceramic braces? They are the same size and shape just like a metal brace, the difference is that they have tooth-colored or clear brackets that blend in with your teeth and they are a little more expensive than a metal one. The pain is lesser with ceramic braces but takes a while longer to fix your teeth with ceramic braces than metal braces.

Now that you know some facts about braces and braces pain, the things that you will feel inside your mouth after the braces are put on will be just normal. Remember that braces are made to align your teeth and make your smile prettier. If your teeth are not aligned, visit your dentist or Orthodontist to have it checked and they will be able to help you straighten your teeth.


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